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Dr Chung Shiu Shek, Andrew

Dr Chung complete his surgical training both in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery in Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University of Hong Kong in early 1990s. His participation in trauma service, transplantation surgery and liver transplantation, early development of video assisted throacic surgery, pioneering work in VAT thymectomy, sympathetectomy, pleuroscopy( precedent of current flexible /medical throacoscopy), interventional bronchoscopy and development of new cardiac surgery program are some important contribution in his early career.

He moved to Queen Elizabeth Hospital the largest thoracic centre with thousand major surgery per annum.  He is key team member of all elective and emergency thoracic surgery. With exposure to paediatric, open and endoscopic technique, practical inter disciplinary managment of lung cancer, benign lethal diseaes namely massive haemoptysis, acquired broncho-mediastinal fistula, post pneumonectomy broncho-pleural fistula, foreign body, he is devoted front line surgeon.  With increasing responsibilty of adult cardiac surgery in the department, he independently handles all cardiac surgical emergency inclusive but not limited to pulmonary embolism surgery, aortic dissection, aortic arch aneurysm, Marfan syndrome with dilated aortic root, complex infectious endocarditis, left ventricular aneursym. He help establishing leading roles of his department in aortic stent graft, atrial fibrilation radiofrequency surgery and minimally invasive mitral valve surgery and post infarction ventricular rupture or septal rupture. Introduction of pectus excavatum surgery, surgical audit on thoracic and adult cardiac surgery, hybrid coronary surgery, beating heart off pump bypass surgery are some of his important contribution.

An international symosium on thoracic surgery is held in QEH in 2003.
He plays essential role in specialty examination surgery in Hong Kong from 2002 to now.
He is currently examiner in conjoint FRCS FCSHK exit examination in cardiothoracic surgery.
He is visiting fellow and scholar in cardiothoracic surgery in Stanford University, University of Alabama dept of surgery. After joining private sector he is Honrary Associate professor in family medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He has overseas training in cardiothroacic surgery in Mayo Clinic, Rochester; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of California at San Francisco, and Stanford University.

In private practice, he introduce single port video assisted thoracic surgery, surgical correction of chest wall deformity and bronchoscopic stenting operation for complex tracheo bronchial pathology. He gave lectures on adult cardiac surgery in every year International Congress of Cardiology of South China from 2010 to 2015. He has specialist clinic in cardiothoracic surgery in St Teresa Hospital, Evangel Hospital, and Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital.

He has admission right and ICU privilleges in private hospitals including Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital,  Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Baptist Hospital, St Teresa Hospital, St Paul Hospital, Canossa Hospital and Union Hospital. Patients in Precious blood hospital and Anticancer society Nam Long establishment can also consult Dr Chung if necessary.

Dr Chung, with own time and effort, contributes to education and advance in modern thoracic surgery development

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Lung Cancer Palliative Treatment : Advance in drug therapy

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